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Introducing a Different Way of Learning to the Classroom 

Eight hours of theory is too mainstream!

With our meticulously designed curriculum, we develop a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness that enables students to explore the world from a whole new perspective.


Conceptual Learning

Journey to the centre of the Earth unveils more about the planet than just drilling the crust

Designing and Building

Laying hands on the third dimension is a more intriguing way of learning.

Why stare at the tip of the iceberg when you can dive deeper?

Finding solutions for problems with a touch of reality deliver the concepts cogently.

Real World Problem Solving

Augmented Exposure


*Practical implementation for better problem solving.

*Using analytical and critical-thinking skills to look for patterns in data, trying to determine what those patterns mean, and then using that data to support a claim.


Learning Biodiversity out in the Nature, supports the understanding of the taxonomy, species variation and 

many more. Transformation from Blackboard to learning through experience.


*It supports analysing and understanding a problem with quantized approach.
*Empowering students with design thinking attitude.
*Imparting a blueprint of standardized outlook and fine solutions.

The use of simple materials in achieving engineering challenges, leads the student to think and implement. Here the students were given bunch of straws to develop a suppot for a weight.
They not only designed the structure in a magnificient way, but also addressed the challenge effectively.


*An innovative way of connecting the solution to the problems.
*Finding new ways to put science into action.

*Brainstorming sessions for alternative perseverance .

The students are given with a problem from the society, which they brainstorm and try finding solution. Mentors are there to pave the pathway so that the thoughts reach 
the correct proximal goal.



*To acquire knowledge and skills in electronics
*Learning and designing from the scratch with electronic components
*Automation in connectivity to electronic modules

Light stimulates electricity through the photosensitive diodes.The concept similar to TV remote can be implemented in designing of cars.In this section students come up with ideas of re-signing the varied 
electronic components in specialized applications.


*Math is a great subject only if understood properly and with the ongoing practice of teaching, it only can be concluded that it's being mugged up rather than being understood.
*SWF brings the best way to learn math and implement it at the same time in some real-world applications.

Mathematics ticks every second in our daily life, the understanding and using it in the smart way makes it easy to learn.
Using mathematical operations to determine the principles that govern certain situation based on reality.