Question 1

What will happen when di-hydride monoxide leaks into home?


  Home will become wet.

Question 2

Diamonds conduct heat but they do not conduct electricity.Why?


  They have atomic vibrations and thus conduct heat.
They lack free electrons and thus do not conduct electricity.

Question 3

How does cyanide cause immediate death?


 Chemical prevents red blood cells from obsorbing oxygen.

Question 4

In hitting the carpet with a stick the mud flies away. Why?


 It is because when the carpet is at rest dust also tends to remain rest but when the carpet is beaten it gains velocity but dust remains at rest so the dust particles fly off the carpet.

Question 5

What phenomenon keep the water cool in earthen pot?


 In an earthen pot, water gets evaporated quickly through the pores. Cooling is caused by evaporation. Some heat energy is utilised during the process of evaporation. Since this energy is taken from the water itself, it leads to a lowering of temperature in the remaining amount of water.

Question 6

Which chemical substance is used as refrigerant in fridge?


 Chloro-Fluorocarbon, or CFC's, are sparingly used in refrigerators today. It is commercially known as Freon, and can still be found

on older refrigerators. The chemical begins its cycle as a pressurized liquid that expands into a gas as it moves through coils within

the refrigerator's walls. The gas absorbs heat, lowering the temperature in the fridge.

Question 7

Can frogs live in salt water?


  Frogs generally cannot handle living in saltwater environments. The salinity in frogs' blood and cells isn't as densely packed as it is in saltwater. If a frog lived in saltwater, the water would quickly spread over them. This, in turn, would bring upon their dehydration. The danger of dehydration would also combine with another serious problem -- salt distributing all throughout the frog's insides to a poisonous degree leading to their death.

Question 8

Can you extend battery life by storing batteries at a low temperature?


 Yes !! It is possible. If alkaline batteries are stored at higher temperatures they will start to lose capacity much quicker.

At 85 degrees F they only lose about 5% per year, but at 100 degrees they lose 25% per year.

Question 9

What makes clothes appear dark when they are put in water?


 When a light ray falls on that particular damp surface, it will first be refracted through the thin layer of water before coming in contact with the surface of the water. From there, it gets reflected, but on the journey out, it again encounters the same thin layer of water and

is again reflected to the surface of the cloth. This phenomenon is called total internal reflection.
Due to this, a larger portion of the light is absorbed than reflected, which is why the cloth appears to be darker.

Question 10

They say..If you go up into the space,the oxygen level gradually decreases.

But how do passengers in an airplane breathe? What helps them?


The propellers on the airplane suck the air from atmosphere and send it inside the cabin, which maintains the pressure inside the plane.

Question 11

A goal keeper prefers to hit a ball to prevent it from going inside the goal rather than catching it.

What is the science behind it?


 Newton's third law of motion.

Question 12

Everyone knows that fishes live in water. But the real.fact is that fish won't survive in distilled water?


 1. Distilled water does not contain any salts. And thus it has no nutritional value.

2. There will not be any oxygen in distilled water.

3. Osmosis does not happen in distilled water.

Question 13

What makes the man to orbit around while jogging?

Which force is expected to be acting as a substitute to gravity?

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In space, it is possible to create "artificial gravity" by spinning your spacecraft or space station. When the station spins, centrifugal force acts to pull the inhabitants to the outside. This process could be used to simulate gravity.

The method proposed for creating artificial gravity on a space station is to use a rotating system (like a rotating cylinder or sphere). Technically, rotation produces the same effect as gravity because it produces a force (called the centrifugal force) just like gravity produces a force. By adjusting certain parameters of a space station such as the radius and rotation rate, you can create a force on the outside walls that equals the force of gravity.

Question 14

What phenomenon creates hindrance for the fish to catch prey?

How does the fish overcomes it with that much of accuracy?

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This is partially due to their good eyesight, but also to their ability to compensate for the refraction of light as it passes through the air-water interface when aiming at their prey. They typically spit at prey at a mean angle of about 74° from the horizontal but can still aim accurately when spitting at angles between 45° and 110°.

Question 15

What happens to the car in the video if speed reduces and why?

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If the speed reduces, car will fall down due to decrease in centrifugal force and aerodynamic downforce.

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